An Attempt at Vlogging

I have been totally inspired to try making my own vlogs!! I took the camera down to the beach with us to do a little filming, I still have a lot to learn about the vlogging word but for now it’s just about documenting the moments.

Currently my blog is pretty much my little place to document my adventures of moving/living in New Zealand. So I thought vlogging might make it all come to life a little bit more for family and friends overseas.

Take a look at my first ever “vlog” ! Might be more of a proper vlog next time ūüôā



DSC_0894Kris and Jack kicking the ball around

Captain Andy’s Adventure


The photos above are before Kris got very seasick!

Although Kris felt horrible on the way up the coast this was a true adventure. The Napali Coast is an iconic mountainous shoreline on Kauai’s North Shore. You are only able to access this beauty by boat or doing a 14 mile hike to one of the points, so to say we felt like we were in paradise is an understatement.

We got on board around 7:30am just in time to see the sun rise. Shortly after boarding we¬†jumped into the ocean at 8am to find ourselves snorkeling with green sea turtles and beautiful tropical fish. Once we got back on board we were lucky enough to have some bottlenose dolphins swim alongside our boat, they are the cutest! We were also lucky enough to see a pod of humpback whales from a distance. They are difficult to come across because they can stay underwater for up to 40 minutes; once you see them you probably won’t get another glimpse once they go back under.¬† Later on we were spoiled with a nice barbecue on the boat with some lovely local wine and slowly started to cruise back to shore with some Jack Johnston playing in the background. It was so peaceful!

This was such an amazing adventure and would highly recommend to anyone looking at staying in Kauai. Kauai Boat Tours are a great option for seeing the island from the outside.






The girls have made it!!

Mom and Brydie coming from Canada and myself from New Zealand. After a whole year apart the three of us have picked up exactly where we left off. I can not explain how happy I am to get to spend such quality time with the both of them. 2am and we couldn’t stop talking, we have so much to catch up on!

We stayed our first night at a lovely resort, The Kauai Beach Resort. With four pools, beach side suites and beverage service delivered to you at your beach chair… It was pretty much paradise.¬† We then took on the adventure of doing some sunglass shopping which was wonderful until we tried doing the grocery shopping at a very run down Walmart (not recommended, we were very jet lagged and we made a horrible impulse decision to pull into the parking lot.) Not being dramatic but it was BAD.

Anyways, once we got over the Walmart experience we drove up to Princeville 24 miles (39km) up the north shore. We arrived at the Bali Hai Villas where they put a lay on us as it is bad luck to lay yourself.  The lobby smells amazing, it is incredible.  Still in shock with how gorgeous it is here.

First morning here we woke up and went for a 2km jog up to an outdoor gym where we did bodyweight workouts, still need to love our bodies even on holiday! And then we literally spent the whole day at the pool drinking margaritas. Pretty great if you ask me.

The boys will arrive in two days so tomorrow we are going to have a girls hike up the Hanalei Ridge and then probably follow that with some more pool time. Gotta get the tan going!

Mahalo for reading this xx ( that is me trying to be cultural, it means thank you lol)






A Sunday in Mt Eden

I am lucky enough to live in central Auckland close to everything. Need an ice block on a hot summers day? The dairy is just on the corner. Want to kick the ball around? Gorgeous green park just across the road. Hill sprints?! or maybe just a walk. Mt Eden summit is right there.

I feel like I get to live and enjoy the city life, along with being able to get outside and not feel like I am still in the hustle and bustle. That is exactly what I did this weekend.

Kris and I started our Sunday morning with homemade cinnamon buns and a cup of English breakfast tea then drove to the rush of the General Collective Market at the ASB Showground’s.This was the Christmas addition of the General Collective and I would go back in a heartbeat. We managed to find some very unique and cultural New Zealand Christmas gifts for the family (I will post photos once they have opened them.) Once Kris and I were happy with what we had found we ditched the crowd and went to Faro for some lunch time snacks.

We were eager to get out in the sun so as soon as we got home I packed a picnic and Kris got the football; to the park we go. We met up with our good friend Dan, played some football and had some cheese and crackers. Soon enough I was as red as a lobster and we had to go home. I now have the largest burn on my back in the exact shape of my tank top! Ouchh!

Anyways that’s all from me.



We went to Whangarei (fung-a-rei)

Kia ora (hello) ! I am back, and I have now been to Whangarei. If you arent a kiwi you are probably wondering how to pronounce that, so here is a bit of a breakdown on the Maori language. Maori words are very common in New Zealand as it is their native language, just like Whangarei when you see a “wh” it is pronounce as an “f”¬† sound; fung-a-rei.

Anyways… My friend Erica and I took a road trip three hours up north and our main reason for going there was to visit Erica’s soon to be puppy (will post photos below.) Not only did we get heaps of puppy cuddles we did some sight seeing as well. Starting at the Whangarei falls and onto the Mermaid pools in Matapouri.

We started the afternoon with the classic fish and hot chips on the beach. We then made the trek over the hill to find a hidden treasure; the mermaid pools. We came across some locals who had been swimming in them for a while and every so often you would hear “outch a crab!” I am still warming up to the idea of ocean creatures, coming from a very inland town in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

We headed back to the car and drove a couple minutes further to go and see the quiet Whale Bay, we were shocked to find not a single person. We did try and go for a swim and made it to the waters edge and neither of us could get ourselves into the winters ocean. We were both absolutely wrecked after a big day of driving, puppy cuddles and sightseeing we soon made our way back into the big smoke; Auckland.

I had the most amazing day seeing these hidden spots on the north island, with a great tour guide!

Bye for now.







A Farm Filled Day

I got to hold a lamb!!

This was the most precious moment ever- minus the mud and the unknown yellow stuff on his nose! This little lamb was so loving and wanted all the cuddles.

To explain a little, Kris has a cousin Alana who lives on a farm near Orewa. At the Flanagan farm there are sheep, cows, and horses. I absolutely love going to visit all the animals and yesterday I was in for a little surprise to find out their sheep had just had babies the day before!

Just incase you were wondering The Freyas Tuscan Mixed Grain bread bag might be a through off.  But in the Auckland winters these little guys need something to keep them dry and the bread bags seem to be the perfect fit!

I was very tempted to sneak this little one under my scarf and take him back to the flat, I wonder how many looks I would get taking a lamb for a walk around Mt. Eden.



Piha Escape

Well it’s about time I start blogging my adventure of moving to New Zealand.

If you have ever watched Piha Rescue, it is filmed just outside of Auckland at Piha beach which is one of my most favorite places to visit on the weekend.

I normally start the day off by driving on the left side of the road to the Parnell French markets while Kris goes to the gym. I like to have a good amount of time to look at everything from almond croissants to olives and turkish bread.  While at the market i pick up a selection of delicious food to take with us to Piha where we will have a lovely picnic on the beach.

The drive to the beach is about 45min and very windy… I am not complaining!! It is so worth it, as soon as you drive over the hill you get the most breathtaking view of the west coast. Piha is one of the most famous surf beaches on the North Island of New Zealand. However it is a dangerous place to be if you get caught in a rip, which is exactly what you will see if you watch Piha Rescue.

For me growing up outside of the city surrounded by nature Piha is the perfect place for me to escape when I start to get a little overwhelmed by the busy city. This will be one of the first places I take my family to when they come visit one day.

Hopefully that wasn’t to painful to read!



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